Melatonin Game

  • Developer: Half Asleep
  • Genre: 🎵 Rhythm Game
  • Version: 2.0.6
User Rating: Rating 4.35

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Release Date
Dec 15, 2022
Half Asleep
Half Asleep
🎵 Rhythm Game
Windows, Nintendo Switch


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Aiden Wright

Melatonin is an indie rhythm game, developed by Half Asleep and inspired by the brain hormone that helps you sleep. It’s a colorful and captivating game where you enter an insomniac’s puzzling dreams and press or hold buttons in time with the beat. It follows the style of Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series but has its own unique twist. With colorful visuals, complex minigames, and challenging trials, makes for a great game for rhythm fans.


The graphics in the Melatonin game for free have a consistent and sweet pastel aesthetic that really brings the game to life. The dreamscapes are full of vibrant colors and creative characters that bring the insomniac's puzzling dreams to life. The visual cues are clear and help you focus on your objective over all of the other visual and audio stimuli. All in all, the graphics are very pleasing to look at, with plenty of details to explore. The game is set in a dream world filled with brightly colored characters, vibrant settings, and imaginative environments. The visuals are smooth and well designed, making for a visually pleasing experience. The art style is detailed yet simple enough to keep the focus on the gameplay mechanics, allowing players to immerse themselves in the dream world without any distractions.


The gameplay in Melatonin free download is similar to Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven series, but it requires a bit more concentration due to its complex trials. Every dream starts with a tutorial describing your task and allowing you to practice without scoring. The game gives immediate feedback in the form of ‘early’, ‘perfect’, or ‘late’ supers or a sweat droplet emoji if you miss it altogether. There is a steep learning curve, but when you hit ‘perfect’, it feels well-deserved! The bite-sized rhythmic rounds are perfect for playing in between daily tasks or other games - though there could be more musical cues for players to follow along with. The gameplay in download Melatonin consists of rhythm-based minigames, along with boss battles that combine elements from all the minigames. Every dream starts with a tutorial that explains the task at hand and allows players to practice without scoring. The game also provides helpful tools like a ticker that tells players what to press and when, as well as a metronome that keeps the beat on top of the synth track - both of which can be turned off or on depending on player preference.


Unfortunately, Melatonin for Nintendo Switch does not offer any multiplayer capabilities - you'll have to go solo on this one! But while playing alone can be just as enjoyable as playing with friends - especially if you're trying to master each level - some may find they miss out on that special element that comes from competing against others in cooperative or versus modes. Although Melatonin download game doesn’t offer traditional multiplayer modes, it does offer local split-screen play for up to four players at once - allowing friends or family members to join in on the fun together! This mode lets players compete against each other in all types of mini-games while synchronizing their movements in time with the music - creating an enjoyable shared experience for everyone involved.


With its wide range of audio settings and accessibility options, Melatonin PC game offers plenty of replayability for those who want to challenge themselves further or take a break from their daily grind. Even when you make mistakes, there's no penalty. Instead, it encourages players to get back into their groove by providing helpful feedback so they can keep pushing forward until they reach each level! One night = one level - meaning every level has its own set of minigames to pass and boss battles to complete before moving onto the next night. This structure allows for plenty of replayability as there are many different levels that can be experienced again and again without feeling repetitive or boring. The various difficulty settings also mean you can increase your challenge level over time as you get better at playing - giving you something new each time you play!


  • Is Melatonin online suitable for all ages?
    Yes, the game is suitable for all ages and can be played by people of all levels of hand-eye coordination or musical experience.
  • Does the game feature any accessibility settings?
    Yes, the game offers a wide range of audio, visual, and accessibility settings that players can access even while they are in-game. These settings allow players to adjust the game to suit their needs and preferences.
  • What platforms is Melatonin for tablet available on?
    The product is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • Are there any minigames in the game?
    Yes, there are a variety of minigames and dream challenges to pass at each level of the game. There is also a miniboss battle at the end of each level which combines elements from the various dreams.
  • Is there music in the game?
    Yes, it features a relaxing yet catchy synth track throughout the game, which helps players keep up with the beat.


Overall, Melatonin video game is an enjoyable rhythm that brings something new to the genre while staying faithful enough to Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series for fans of those games. With its vibrant visuals, complex minigames, and challenging trials – plus plenty of replayability – this is definitely one worth checking out!


  • Bite-sized rhythmic rounds are perfect to play in between daily tasks (or other games!)
  • Relaxing yet catchy music that gets stuck in your head
  • Satisfying to nail that PERFECT


  • A steep learning curve and lack of musical cues can make the game difficult for those without music training
  • Varying difficulty levels can be challenging

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